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Erasmus+ visit to Malaga Spain

Stand by me Lesvos corporate with Second chance school of Mytilene

Our project: 2017-1-EL01-KA104-035529: Further training of adult educators in a multicultural reality: Τhe School of Second Chance in Mytilene. During the second week of May 2018, we travelled to Malaga, Spain, to further educate ourselves on the refugee/migrants crisis, in the context of the Erasmus+ Project “Further training of educators of adults in a multicultural reality: Τhe School of Second Chance in Mytilene” (Νο 017-1-ELO1-KA104-035529). We visited organisations and institutions, both public and private, that deal with the refugee issue in Malaga and Andalusia in general, and we noted valuable educational methods and practices that Spain applies on its borders with the African continent. It was a really interesting experience and we had the opportunity to compare and contrast both qualitative and quantitative data with what we face in our school on the island of Lesvos. Members of the Tribeka training lab, our…
Stand By Me Lesvos is a Non Profit Social Enterprise aiming to address the economic hardship and deprivation faced by the people of Lesvos and by the refugees who have arrived on the island due to war and conflict in their home countries. We aim to help refugees… Stand By Me Lesvos aims to provide community based social programs and economic activities which will offer dignity and purpose to participants. Austerity focused Economic Policies create and aggravate poverty.War and conflict create refugees